Free Range Chicken

Rock Without Confinement

Since stumbling upon his older brother’s guitar in the sixth grade, performing music has been a way of life for Matt Aurigema. Music has remained a constant throughout his life; even while he was earning his Bachelors of Communication in audio/video production at Ohio University, Matt found time to travel the country and record albums.

After graduation, Matt joined other OU alums in The Ma Rainy Band, during which he managed finances, bookings, live sound, and website maintenance while recording 4 CDs. After 10 years with the band, the passion for playing and singing with a guitar sent Matt on a personal journey as Free Range Chicken, a solo acoustic act, in the winter of 2004.

As FRC, Matt Aurigema performs a variety of obscure rock songs from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and 80’s with a hint of today’s sound. He has a strong philosophy that life should have “no fences”, and enjoys doing what he wants, when he wants, and with who he wants. With his strong musical background, “glass half full” mentality, and exceptional improvising skills, this free range chicken has the ability to adapt to any musical environment and hold nothing back.