The Craft

Experience a selection of the craft beer Ohio has to offer. Choose samples from over 15 local breweries and learn the stories behind the beer. 

The Laugh

Who needs to go the gym for an ab workout? Check out our featured comedians and get ready to laugh. 


The Music

Our musicians will set the tone for optimum beer appreciation. Familiarize yourself with their music beforehand so you can impress your friends with your superior lyric knowledge. 



The Food

What’s a beer tasting event without some savory food options?  

The Sponsors

Interested in become a Sponsor? Visit the Sponsorship tab for more information.

The Arcade

Play throwback games like Pac Man, Frogger, and Space Invaders in our arcade. You’re not going to let your buddy keep that high score, are you?

MTV needs to have a Real World show for older adults.  I would love 6 months in a free home with free food and getting to hook up with my roommate. Oh, but then that would be a nursing home.
- Sue Bump